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Upper School Schedule & Dress Code



Being part of a community is important as it provides social connections, friendship, and support. During the past two years, the pandemic forced us to suspend many of our normal opportunities to gather as a community to interact and build relationships. As restrictions are relaxed, we will intentionally provide moments and events to bring our community together again regularly.

To that end, our academic day will now begin at 8:05 a.m. with a new period called House. A copy of our new academic schedule can be found here. Houses (similar to homerooms), which all students are required to attend, will allow students a daily location to check-in before classes begin and serve as an opportunity for community messages and themes to be shared with everyone. Attendance and dress code checks will also occur during the House slot.

Membership in a community means following the agreed upon norms and standards. One of the norms we will focus on this year is the updated dress code, which can be found here. Although the dress code itself has seen only slight modification, we have developed steps for responding to those who have difficulty adhering to its standards. We have added an after-school detention period as an additional accountability measure, which students who are out of dress code may be required to attend instead of their after-school activity. Additionally, multiple detentions will lead to weekend detention and potentially probation. My hope is that all students will respect our flexible dress code and other school policies and that, as a result, we can keep our detention proctor very bored!

I will be in touch soon with updates on orientation and the first week of school. Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and I will see you all soon!

Philip Lazzaro
Head of Upper School

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