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Fall Middle School Electives



As we look forward to starting the school year we wanted to provide Middle School students with an overview of the electives that will be offered this fall. Electives are offered on a trimester basis and students may switch electives following each trimester. Please note that these electives meet during the academic day and are separate from our after-school program. Students will learn more about the electives on the first day of school. Each elective’s class size may be limited, so students are asked to consider more than one that they would be interested in signing up for.

Current Events/Debate – Explore the events that are taking place in our ever-changing world. As students become familiar with relevant issues impacting our world, they may share opinions and engage in discussions and debates.

Directing/Filmmaking – Learn the basic techniques of directing and filmmaking while learning about various theatrical styles. Students will be introduced to the principles of directing, including selection, casting, blocking, and rehearsing. The class will provide students with an opportunity to participate in improvisation and stage combat.

Flag Football - Students may sign up for flag football even if they are participating in an after-school sport. This elective will meet during the day and is open to all students, regardless of previous experience.

Publications – Participate in creating the school newspaper, the literary magazine, and podcasts. Students will collaborate and learn how to be creative on various media platforms and design, assemble, and produce each edition of The Rambler. They will also be responsible for distributing and sharing these works with the school community.

Robotics – Students will have the opportunity to construct and operate mini-robots using kits that vary in levels of sophistication. Collaboration, creativity, and design will all be areas of focus. There may also be opportunities to team up with classmates and participate in competitions.

Stage Makeup/Special Effects – This elective allows students to explore the application of realistic stage makeup and use special effects similar to the processes that take place backstage and on movie sets.

Please indicate your top choices for an elective this fall by emailing Mrs. Lombardi at

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