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10th Grade Introduction to SCOIR for College



10th Grade Introduction to SCOIR for College

Dear 10th Grade Students and Families,

We are so excited to introduce you to our college planning system called SCOIR. We have chosen SCOIR to help you navigate the college selection and application process.

Later today, both students and parents will receive separate email invitations from SCOIR with a link to register your accounts. Please set up your account immediately! Once you create your account, you can immediately begin using SCOIR to search for and start building a list of colleges that interest you. Eventually, at the end of your junior year, you will be required to use SCOIR to request letters of recommendation from faculty and, in your senior year, SCOIR will be the platform you use to keep your actual college list.

Parents/guardians will also have access to SCOIR to assist you in your college selection and to gain more insight about the cost of attendance at different colleges. The Harvey College Office will eventually use SCOIR to electronically deliver your application materials to colleges.

On June 1st, we will all be meeting with you at 9:40 am in the Blackbox Theater to ensure that everyone has activated their accounts. Please bring your computer. At that time, we will review tips for getting started on SCOIR so that you can use this informative tool over the summer. Prior to our meeting, please register your account as well as review the Student Getting Started Guide provided by SCOIR. These are the topics we plan to cover in person together.

For interested parents, please review this quick video provided by SCOIR as we feel it’s a great introductory resource geared for you.

Have a day and see you later in the week!

All the best,

The College Office

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