Students walking on campus.

Who's Who at Harvey

A quick reference to help you connect with administration, faculty, and staff.

Bill Knauer
Michelle Morris

Middle School Administration

MS Head Dr. Brendan Byrne
Joanne Lombardi
MS Dean of Students Dr. Stephanie Metz

Upper School Administration

Beth Visintainer
Debra Forte

Upper School Deans

Dean of US students Ricky Forde

International, Boarding & Dorm Life

Alex Lindquist, director of international programs
Greg Janos, Alumni
Marcie Hajem, head of girls dorm
John DePalma, transportation & logistics
Chef Suchada Palmer
Ray Lacen, athletic director
Rumbough Infirmary sign
Vinny Alexander
John Wahlers
Lori Fowler

Welcome to Harvey

Happy students jumping off wall into air with arms raised