Students builing a molecule in chemistry

After-School Program

Success Outside the Classroom.

Just to name a few:

Harvey Equestrian Team • Art • Boys & Girls Rugby • Coed Golf • Baseball • Softball • Strength & Conditioning • Tutoring Club • Boys & Girls Basketball • One-Act Plays • Theater-Stagecraft • Coed Cross Country • Musical Theater • Boys & Girls Soccer • Girls Volleyball • Dance Team • Yoga/Tai Chi • Dance Company • Boys & Girls Tennis • Football • Ice Hockey • Supervised Study Hall • Boys & Girls Lacrosse • Skiing

Student Life

Girls team walking on to the field.

The After-School Program is an integral part of each student’s education and provides another avenue for students to explore new interests and develop their strengths. There are opportunities to learn new skills, foster existing talents, and discover new passions. 

The program enables students to work with the Harvey faculty in a different environment. Through these activities, faculty have the opportunity to get to know their students better and identify a student's strengths as well as any concerns or challenges.

Participating in after-school activities builds school and community spirit and expands our students' social experiences. Our diverse offerings allow students the time to pursue their individual interests, which leads to greater success both in and out of the classroom.

Harvey requires that all students complete a minimum of one season of athletics per year or participate in two terms of dance or yoga during the academic day.