Students builing a molecule in chemistry

Science Trajectories

Our 9th Grade Science Curriculum

Science Trajectories is an immersive and challenging ninth grade science program developed by the Harvey faculty. It is designed to inspire scientific inquiry, generate passion for the sciences, and showcase the dynamic teachers in the Harvey science department.

With a focus on core scientific principles and unifying themes, the Trajectories program seeks to lay a solid foundation of high school-level science while inspiring individual interest in the various disciplines offered at the higher levels of science at Harvey.

Students partake in 6 separate units of study, designed by the Harvey teaching faculty, to explore the various disciplines and core fundamentals present day science commands.

With the trajectory model, students are guided into the field of science that best fits their goals and aspirations, determining their own individual course of study.

Each unit of study is taught by a specific member of the science department during each marking period, and showcases the talents and passions each teacher has for his or her unit of study.

Students have the rare opportunity to enjoy a new and stimulating environment each term, embarking on a new exploratory journey led by the individual faculty member.

This exciting curriculum inspires a scientific commitment and dedication within our community while providing a rich and positive scientific experience for all our students.

9th Grade Units of Study

Unit 1: Evolution and Earth
  • The Unity and Diversity of Science: An Examination of Evolution and Genetics
  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water: An Examination of Elemental Chemistry
Unit 2: Energy
  • Energy Flow and Cycles of Matter: An Examination of Botany and Ecology
  • Energy as Power: An Examination of Electrical Energy and its Application
Unit 3: Form/Function and The Atom
  • Form Fits Function: An Examination of Anatomy/Physiology
  • The Atom and Matter: An Examination of Atomic Chemistry

Signature Program

Students working on building molecules in science