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Middle School RoboCavs Win Multiple Awards at States 2019!

There is a worldwide demand in all STEM-based fields for students with hands-on problem-solving skills. The Harvey Robotics program offers students the chance to become confident innovators and thinkers by offering courses in which students work independently and in teams to design, build, and code robots.

Championship Success

US RoboCavs Team

Harvey School Robotics Program

The Harvey US team qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championship in 2017 and 2018. It is an invitation-only event with the top 600 teams competing from more than 40 countries.

They have also had first and second place finishes at the Create US Open tournament in Iowa.

MS RoboCavs Team

Harvey School Robotics Championship Program

Harvey's all-girl team consisting of one girl from each grade 6-8 earned three Design Awards in 2017-18 for their Engineering Notebook.

They won the Design Award at States and at the VEX IQ Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Ky. in the middle school science division.

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"The skills I learned in Harvey robotics helped me get into RIT to major in Electrical Engineering Robotics."

--Justin, Harvey graduate '18

Students learn real-life skills like project planning, project management, teamwork and collaboration, time management, problem solving, networking, and working under pressure with strict deadlines.

US Robotics Program

Harvey School Robotics Program

With a dedicated robotics lab and courses offered at the introductory, advanced, and competition levels, the robotics program continues to generate excitement and participation.

Four years young, Harvey Robotics has earned 17 first-place tournament finishes, and runner-up in 12 events. The teams have earned four consecutive 2nd place finishes in the Southern New York State Championship with a 2017 graduate winning the State Skills Title with his robot.

Harvey School Robotics Program
Harvey School Robotics Program

"Harvey Robotics has honed my organizational skills, taught me how to develop and test my robot, and my teachers have encouraged me to work as hard as I possibly can, especially since it's something I have a great passion for."

--Noah, Harvey graduate '18, studying Mechanical Engineering at RPI
Harvey School Robotics Program

"What the students at Harvey are learning from a technological standpoint has no limits and is the future. Their achievements are truly inspirational."

--Harvey 8th grade parent

MS Robotics Program

Harvey School Robotics Program

Middle School students have the opportunity to construct and operate mini-robots using kits that vary in levels of sophistication. Students can participate in robotics as an elective, an after-school activity, or become involved in VEX robotics which leads to interscholastic competitions.

The Middle School has created space for a new dedicated robotics lab as enthusiasm for robotics continues to grow among our students.

Students working in the robotics lab.

Award-winning Engineering Notebook

Our Middle School team won three Design Awards for their Engineering Notebook, a journal that records and explains the team's thought process and robot-building steps throughout the season.

Box with notes about the VEX tournament.

Engineering, design, and computer science will make up a large portion of jobs in the future. Giving our middle schoolers a glimpse of what that type of career would be like is an invaluable opportunity.

Start In Middle School

The key to a successful upper school education is a strong middle school experience.

Signature Program

Middle School students working with teacher in robotics lab.