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Harvey Goes

Harvey Global Opportunities in Enhanced Studies (GOES)

Harvey GOES offers students with an interest in international studies an independent educational opportunity. The program seeks to illustrate the power of a global perspective by introducing relationships and opportunities to our students through a common project and travel to a partner school in another country.

Global Partners

Scene from trip to Denmark

Harvey GOES has partnered with schools in Italy, Denmark, and Hungary. Students from both schools work on independent studies projects based around a shared theme that involves research, presentations, and collaborative communication.

Building Friendships

Harvey GOES students travel during the March break and home-stay with their partner school counterparts. The Harvey students have the opportunity to reciprocate in April when the students from our partner school visit Harvey. 

Group of students on a field trip

New Perspectives

group of students on a field trip

Visiting each other’s countries and homes provides an opportunity for each group of students to attend an international high school, work on a shared theme project with their teams, acquire a rich and active understanding of culture and viewpoints, and promote collaboration to find solutions to challenges faced by our global community.

Group of students on a field trip in front of mural
Photo of a home in another country

The program is limited to 12 students and an application is required to participate.

For more information, please contact Alex Lindquist, Director of the International Programs at

Signature Program

Harvey students on a trip.