Student at alumni event.


On May 15th, 150 members of the Harvey community will join together in person to celebrate! If you are interested in underwriting a portion of the evening, please fill out the form below. Your support will enable us to keep our costs low so that all proceeds of the evening are in support of the people and programs that make Harvey special.

Our Underwriters/Donors

Michelle and George Condax

Tania and Stephen Dempsey

Jamie and Rob Hagani

Meredith and Marc Hanson

Dani Woolwine and Tarquin Katis

Jed Melnick

Corinne and David Menn

Jane and Rick Petty

Roxanne Dornbusch and Spencer Rosman

Allison and Jeffrey Saccamanno

Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz

Naomi and Robert Silpe

Marie and Taylor Smelser

Daphne Uviller and Sacha Spector

Sherry Levin Wallach