Student at alumni event.

Dear Harvey Community,

Spring is here and it's time for the annual Parent Association Spring Celebration "Together at Harvey." The event will be held on Saturday, May 15 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The evening will include cocktails and nibbles at sunset, a silent auction, and a "Giving Tree!" 

In following with COVID-19 guidelines, the celebration will be held outside and smaller than usual, but the spirit we bring will be BIG as it will be our first time coming together as a community in well over a year! The event is limited to 150 in-person attendees with an option to attend via Zoom.

We invite you to participate in this wonderful celebration in as many ways as you can! Below are some of the opportunities to get involved and help us make "Together at Harvey" a truly joyous celebration of community.

We look forward to a special evening.

Juliet Howe
Celebration Chair

2021 Spring Celebration Committee

Celebration Chair:
Juliet Howe
Chair: Lisanne Kheirolomoom
Toby Lazarus
Jeanette & David Sandor
Trish Breede
Andrea Bullens
Wendy Class
Claudia Grant
Linda Klug
Giving Tree
Chair: Michele Mena
Chair: Linda Cioffi
Leslie Berni
Joi Isley Collins
Claudia Grant
Michele Mena
Richard Sullivan