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Harvey Fund

It Takes a Community.

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Every year, the Harvey Fund drive raises funds to support daily operations and help balance the budget. These funds make it possible for The Harvey School to attract and retain an outstanding faculty, support the academic program, provide tuition assistance to some of our families, and to do much more.

The Harvey Fund represents approximately 7% of the overall operating budget and adds value to the Harvey education with both tangible and intangible benefits to our students in these important ways:

  • Defraying the cost of each student's tuition and expenses.
  • Offering small classes where each student is known, appreciated, and encouraged.
  • Underwriting budgets for student clubs, special projects and organizations.
  • Funding student research initiatives, new classroom equipment, and technology.
  • Attracting and retaining a passionate and talented faculty.
  • Enhancing programs in the Arts and Athletics.
  • Improving and maintaining our facility.
  • Providing financial solvency to respond quickly to the school's evolving needs.

Participating at any level is a vote of confidence in the Harvey mission, faculty, and administration. There is no better way to show your gratitude and loyalty to Harvey than by giving a gift to the Harvey Fund. Our hope is that you will participate as generously as possible for you.

Our Goal: Reach 100% Participation

Friend: A minimum Friend level gift to the Harvey Fund reflects the $3,000 gap per student.

Champion: ($25,000+)

Patron: ($15,000+)

Sponsor: ($10,000+)

Sustainer: ($5,000+)

Friend: ($3,000+)

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Do you have questions?

Contact Andrew Jamieson, director of the Harvey fund, at


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