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Host Family Inquiry Form

Please answer the following questions if you are interested in hosting an international student who attends The Harvey School.

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Your Home Environment

Please be aware that each international student and their parents sign an agreement prohibiting the use of tobacco, alcohol, and driving.​
(e.g. vegetarian, kosher, gluten free)​
Physical or mental​
Access to food, beverages, snacks; Homework; Household chores; Social and extracurricular activities; Use of computer, cell phone, internet; Other (please specify)‚Äč​

Preference for Hosting

If so, please give contact information below.​
Please take photos of your house and property to which your international student will have access and upload them below.
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Thank you for providing this detailed information. This information is vital and helpful in both making a good match between host families and international students, and in reassuring our international parents.