Playmaker U Basketball & Summer Camp Experience

2023 Beacon Basketball Camp

Open to grades 5 to 8

A morning basketball clinic with the professionals from Beacon’s Playmaker U. The young athletes will enjoy a variety of camp activities in the afternoon This program is under the direction of Harvey’s own Ricky Forde. 


Meet The Director

Ricky Forde has been involved with summer camp programs for over 20 plus years. Being a camp counselor himself, to summer camp Athletics Director,  to running his own summer camp program, his ability to train and coach kids is proof that it takes more than talent alone to be successful. It takes hard work and dedication to become a top athlete. His main focus is to make sure every camper is having fun, but still developing and learning skills. Ricky uses sports and activities as a vehicle to help build community and to help with increasing life skills. 

Beacon's Playmaker U Camp (June 26 - July 28)