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It's Your Summer. Imagine It!

July 13 - August 7, 2020

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At Harvey, we have created a summer camp environment that encourages campers to explore, create, discover, and learn. Our camps provide a mix of active, creative, indoor, and outdoor activities, such as technology, theater, sports, dance, the arts, nature, and so much more.

Group of young campers at Cavalier Camp
summer camp art and plaster crafts

Summer camp is one of the best educational programs that parents can invest in for their children. The beauty of camp is unadulterated classrooms without state mandates, testing, or grades. It is an amazing learning environment filled with opportunities for your children to try new things or hone skills they already have -- all while having fun!

Camper working on art project during summer camp

"Harvey is the camp that unlocks potential and reveals your child's other interests. My son will always be a "sports kid," but now he knows there are other things out there for him to try and enjoy."

-Camp Parent

In our camp offerings, children in grades 2 through 9 can pursue their passion, choosing from programs and activities that fit their interests.

Guided by skilled educators and experienced professionals, children develop the confidence that comes from mastering new pursuits and meeting others with similar interests. 

Student working on robot during camp
One student taking photo of another during camp.
Camper and leader working on a project
Camper crawling through tube.
Group of happy campers smiling.
Campers engaged in activity
Campers drumming during camp
Camper working on a project
Camper girls posing in front of green screen
Group of happy campers smiling.
Campers doing exercise
Campers during event
Campers on tennis court
Camper working on project.
Camper working on project.
Camp - one student is getting face painted.
Student working on art project during camp.
Camper working on project.
Camper working on project.
Camper working on project.
Young campers doing push ups
Camper hitting a ball with a large bat.
Camper hitting ball
Campers working on project.
Campers working on project.
Camp leader showing music chart
Campers playing the drums
Group of happy campers.
Campers working on project.


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2020 Camp Dates are June 29 through August 7, 2020

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