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Sportsmanship Awards 2019-20

Sportsmanship Award Honorees

Winter Term 2020

Varsity Ice Hockey

Henry Oliver, junior

with Coach Janos & Coach Morse

Boys Varsity Basketball

Sam Alexander, sophomore

with Coach Arnautovic & Coach Mather

MS Boys Maroon Basketball

Terrell Raynor, gr. 8

with Coach Visintainer & Coach Byrne

MS Ice Hockey

Luca Vega, gr. 8

with Coach Dineen & Coach Delaney

Girls Varsity Basketball

Emi Knauer, gr. 9

with Coach Menacho & Coach Bruckner

JV Girls Basketball

Gabriella Feldmeth, sophomore

with Coach Belcher & Coach Saraniti

MS Girls Basketball

Dylan Bazaar, gr. 8

with Coach Matero & Coach Hajem

JV Boys Maroon Basketball

Densley Blake wins sportsmanship award for JV boys maroon basketball team.

Densley Blake, junior

with Coach Shkreli & Coach Griffin

Varsity Coed Ski Team

Alex Piper, sophmore

with Coach Leibovic

JV Boys Navy Basketball

Aden Yankwitt, freshman

with Coach Coscio & Coach Duignan

MS Boys Navy Basketball

Jonathon Bailey, gr. 7

with Coach Bellucci & Coach Fink

Fall Term 2019

Varsity Coed Cross Country

Cody Siegel wins Sportsmanship Award honors.

Cody Siegel, junior

with Coach Taylor and Coach Coscio

Boys Varsity Soccer

Lucas Cohen, senior

with Coach Morse and Coach Alexander

MS Coed Soccer

Sophia Collum, grade 6

with Coach Fink and Coach Metz

Boys JV Soccer

Kenny Aguilar, sophomore

with Coach Leibovic and Coach McCombs

Varsity Football

Brandon Marshall, senior

with Coach Delaney, Coach Eccher, and Coach Griffin

MS Cross Country

Micah Berni, grade 6

with Coach Morgan and Coach Plaskett

Varsity Volleyball

Cameron Thomas, senior

with Coach Belcher and Coach Arnautovic

JV Volleyball

Anna O'Hanlon, junior

Amanda Mohammad, sophomore

with Coach Baxter and Coach Zeffer-Casella


Girls Varsity soccer team after a win in 2019.