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Sportsmanship Honorees 2018-19

Great sportsmanship is the heart of Harvey Athletics.

Each season, we honor one player per athletic team who demonstrates the sportsmanship qualities that we value here at Harvey.

Sportsmanship Award Honorees

Spring Term 2019

Boys Varsity Rugby

Aaron Dupree

Aaron DuPree, sophomore

with Coach Loiola

Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Harrison Fontaine

Harrison Fontaine, senior

with Coach Hill

Boys JV Baseball

Ryan Pink

Ryan Pink, freshman

with Coach Eccher and Coach Alexander

MS Tennis

Ari Klein

Ari Klein, 8th grade

with Coach Saranti, Coach Visintainer, and friends

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Riannah Wallach

Riannah Wallach, 7th grade

with Coach Dineen and Coach Janos

Girls Varsity Softball

Cathy Ye

Cathy Ye, sophomore

with Coach Bean and Coach Phillips

Boys JV Rugby

Donald Englehardt

Donald Engelhardt

(John Jay student) with Coach Loiola

MS Baseball

Luke McCarthy

Luke McCarthy, 8th grade

with Coach Kennedy

Boys Varsity Baseball

Sanath Kumar

Sanath Kumar, senior

with Coach Rubenfeld and Coach Lopez

Girls Varsity Tennis

Marina Mann

Marina Man, junior

with Coach Leon-Prado, Coach Cahill, and Coach Levy

Varsity Golf

Alex Breitenbach

Alex Breitenbach, senior

with Coach Plaskett

Coed JV Tennisl

Milo Flamenbaum

Milo Flamenbaum, freshman

with Coach McCombs, Coach Saranti, and Coach Visintainer

Sportsmanship Award Honorees

Winter Term 2019

Boys Varsity Basketball

Boys Varsity basketball sportsmanship award winner Alexander Kaplan.

Alexander Kaplan, senior

with Coach Arnautovic and Assistant Coach Jack Mather '15

Boys JV Red Basketball

Boys JV Red basketball sportsmanship award winner Lucas Cohen.

Lucas Cohen, junior

with Coach Egolf and Coach Rubenfeld

MS Girls Basketball

MS Girls basketball sportsmanship award winner Juliet Jacques.

Juliet Jacques, 8th grade

with Coach Hajem and Coach Whittaker

MS Boys Navy Basketball

MS Boys Navy basketball sportmanship recipient Lucien Fried.

Lucien Fried, 6th grade

with Coach M. Visintainer and Coach Kennedy

Girls Varsity Basketball

Girls' Varsity basketball sportsmanship award winner Daisy Grossman.

Daisy Grossman, senior

with Coach Zeffer and Coach Binns

Ski Team

Ski team Sportsmanship Award winner Alex Breitenbach with Coach Leibovic.

Alex Breitenbach, senior

with Coach Leibovic

Girls JV Basketball

Girls JV basketball sportsmanship winner Eliana Katzin

Eliana Katzin, sophomore

with Coach Dunn and Coach Saraniti

MS Ice Hockey

Middle School hockey sportsmanship award winner Spencer Whitman.

Spencer Whitman, 8th grade

with Coach Delaney and Coach Dinan

Varsity Hockey

Varsity Hockey sportsmanship award winner Grant Doherty.

Grant Doherty, junior

with Coach Janos and Coach Morse

Boys JV Blue Basketball

Boys JV Blue basketball sportsmanship award winner Densley Blake.

Densley Blake, sophomore

with Coach Cornell

Boys JV Blue Basketball

JV Blue  Sportsmanship Award winner Armaan Bhaskar with Coach Cornell.

Armaan Bhaskar, freshman

with Coach Cornell

MS Boys Maroon Basketball

MS Maroon bball Sportsmanship Award winner with coach Dr. Byrne

Eli Birch, 8th grade

with Coach Byrne

Sportsmanship Award Honorees

Fall Term 2018

Varsity Football

Student receiving award

Grant Doherty, junior

with Coach Eccher, Coach Delaney and Coach Griffin

Girls Varsity Soccer

Student receiving an award

Daisy Grossman, senior

with Coach Kennedy and Coach Matthews

JV Red Volleyball

Student receiving an award

Marina Man, junior

with Coach Baxter and Coach Belcher

MS Volleyball

Student receiving an award

Jordan Latta, 8th grade

with Coach Ketner and Coach Matero

Varsity Volleyball

Student receives award with coaches

Carli Levethan, senior

with Coach Zeffer and Coach Arnautovic

MS Soccer

Student receiving an award

Luca Vega, 7th grade

with Coach Egolf and Coach Zeigler

Boys JV Soccer

Student receiving an award

James Avery, sophomore

with Coach McCombs and Coach Seymour

MS Cross Country

Middle school student receiving award

Holden Roberts, 8th grade

with Coach Taylor, teammates, and Coach Plaskett

JV Blue Volleyball

2 coaches with a volleyball player

Talia Campbell, freshman

with Coach Belcher and Coach Baxter

Boys Varsity Soccer

Soccer student receives award

Taylor Wacksman, senior

with Coach Loiola and Coach Morse

Varsity Cross Country

Student receiving an award

Sam Alexander, freshman

with Coach Dineen and Coach Forrester


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