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Sportsmanship Awards

Great sportsmanship is the heart of Harvey Athletics.

Girls varsity soccer action

Each season, we honor one player per athletic team who demonstrates the sportsmanship qualities that we value here at Harvey.

Sportsmanship Award Recipients

Winter Term 2023

MS Girls Basketball

MS basketball

Madison Boothe '27

with Coach Hajem

Varsity Ice Hockey

Sportsmanship recipient

Anthony Galtieri '25

with coaches Plaskett, Morse & Delaney

Boys JV Maroon Basketball

Sportsmanship recipient

Daniel Bussey '25

with coaches Griffin & Everett

Boys Varsity Basketball

Sportsmanship recipient

Marcus Diaz '23

with coaches Welles & Arnautovic

MS Boys Maroon Basketball

Sportsmanship recipient

Markus Jones '28

with Coach Byrne

Fall Term 2022

Varsity Volleyball

Sportsmanship recipient

Iliana Hellinger '24

with coaches Arnautovic & Menacho

MS Volleyball

Fall sportsmanship recipient

Sydney Boothe '27

with coaches Pignataro & Stroud

Varsity Cross Country

Fall Sportsmanship recipient

Jordan Freund '23

with Coach Coscio

Varsity Football

Varsity football

Bradley Lederer '23 & Nekia Bland '23

JV Maroon Volleyball

Sportsmanship recipient

Grace Shepard '23

with Coach Groff

Boys Varsity Soccer

Fall sportsmanship recipient

Khalil Aguilar '23

with coaches Morse & Leibovic

MS Cross Country

Fall sportsmanship recipient

Lee Birch '27

with Coach Plaskett

MS Soccer

Zak Boujid '28

with Coach Fink

JV Navy Volleyball

Fall sportsmanship recipient

Phoebe Schwarz '24

with coaches Groff & Tantillo

Girls Varsity Soccer

Sportsmanship Award 2022

Loveleigh Viera '24

with coaches Welles & Ziegler

MS Flag Football

Fall sportsmanship recipient

Zach Roberts '27

with Coach Lacen

Past Winners

2019-2020          2018-2019          2021-2022


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