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The 50th Anniversary of Evarts Rink


With a vision for an indoor rink for home ice and the community, former Harvey parent and trustee Maxwell Evarts worked jointly with Bedford Bears directors and others to construct what would become the Maxwell Evarts Memorial Rink. Opening in 1969, the rink has been home to hockey, figure skating athletes, and The Harvey School community for 50 years.

"There was no rink anywhere short of White Plains and a lot of folks wanted to skate and have their kids learn figure skating and hockey."

-Frank Weil '44

Aerial view of the rink in color from early days

With your support, we have made many incredible improvements to Evarts Rink in recent years:

  • New energy-efficient lighting.
  • New sound system.
  • Refurbished locker rooms.
  • New perimeter matting.
  • New north wall.
  • Improved & renovated seating and viewing area upstairs.
Hockey locker room
Newly redesigned viewing area overlooking ice

Fundraising for continued improvements to Evarts Rink will continue through 2019.

Future renovations:

  • Upgrade steps at entrance.
  • Refurbish south wall.
  • New roof.
  • Additional locker room upgrades.
  • Upgrade refrigeration equipment.

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Dedication plaque to Maxwell Evarts at the rink.

50th Anniversary Committee:

  • Mike Bonelli, Sr.
  • Will Ciaramella
  • Mary Farley
  • Stu Hackel
  • Sandy McDonald
  • Wendy Mlinar
  • Bruce Osborne
  • Dave Raneri '69
  • Frank Rossi
  • Matt Romito
  • Ben Shaw
Interview view of Evarts Rink

For more information on figure skating lessons or facility information, please visit:

Evarts Rink