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We provide the opportunity for all students to contribute to our athletic program in a way that best fits their interests and ability level. From the elite athlete to the inexperienced first-time participant, our students enjoy a positive athletic experience.

Student carrying the ball during football game.
Girl carrying ball during Rugby game
Girl blocking ball during volleyball game
Student throwing a pitch during baseball game
Students  during a cross country meet.
Student carrying a ball during rugby game.
Girl about to hit tennis ball.
Girl about to hit a ball during softball game.
Student catching ball during lacrosse game
Girls catching ball during a rugby game
Girls playing soccer
Boy about to kick a soccer ball during game.
Girl carrying ball during lacrosse game.
Girl spiking ball during volleyball game.

We believe that students should participate as members of well-coached teams, at the appropriate athletic level (JV or varsity). The experience of contributing to an interscholastic program is a valuable one that provides countless teachable moments. 

Sports Offered


Upper School
  • Varsity Football
  • Boys Varsity Soccer
  • Boys JV Soccer
  • Girls Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls JV Volleyball
  • Coed Varsity Cross-Country
  • Strength and Conditioning
Middle School
  • Coed Soccer
  • Coed Cross-Country
  • Girls Volleyball


Upper School
  • Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Boys JV Basketball
  • Boys Thirds Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
  • Girls JV Basketball
  • Varsity Hockey
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Varsity Skiing
  • Fencing
Middle School
  • Boys Maroon Basketball
  • Boys Navy Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Coed Hockey


Upper School
  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse
  • Boys Varsity Rugby
  • Boys JV Rugby
  • Girls Varsity Rugby
  • Boys Varsity Baseball
  • Boys JV Baseball
  • Girls Varsity Softball
  • Boys Varsity Tennis
  • Girls Varsity Tennis
  • Coed JV Tennis
  • Coed Varsity Golf
  • Pentathlon
Middle School
  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Lacrosse

The majority of Harvey coaches are teachers at our school, allowing student-athletes the opportunity to build relationships outside the classroom.

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If you need assistance or would like to speak with someone in the athletic department, please contact us at:

Athletic office: 914.232.3161 ext.153
Fax line: 914.767.0362


Crowd cheering at a basketball game