Students builing a molecule in chemistry

The Arts

When We Create, We Learn.


The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and math, allowing students to develop a cultural literacy which fosters imagination, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems.

Students performing Fiddler on the Roof
Students performing during a dance
Student playing guitar during program
Graphic design by a student
Student working on art project
Students performing the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Student painting an art project
Student playing flute during program
Students performing Snow White
Photo of art work display
Students performing during a dance
Students performing in The Frogs
Students performing during concert

Harvey Arts is proud to partner with kbbal, a local arts collective.


Harvey artists are currently on display in the kbbal gallery.

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Vinny Alexander Painting a Set

“Arts Education is the most comprehensive form of learning. In addition to intellectual development, the arts build skills, emotional depth and the ability to imagine."

-Vinny Alexander, Performing Arts Chair

Middle School Arts Program

The Middle School arts program meets throughout the school year, rotating students, grouped by grade, through the areas of Theater, Music, and Studio Art. There are also opportunities for students to sing in the choir, play an instrument in an ensemble, and perform in theatrical productions.



Student performing in a play.


Student practicing piano

Studio Art

Students performing in a Middle School showcase.

Upper School Arts Program

The Upper School curriculum includes classes in Music, Theater, Dance, and Film. Students have the opportunity to study acting, improvisation, playwriting, music theory, music history, instrumental/voice lessons, dance, film criticism, stagecraft, and a variety of other special topics in the performing arts.

Students Playing Violin

Additional performance opportunities in theater, dance, and music are available throughout the academic day and as co-curricular activities.

Harvey Students in New York City

The department works to align students with professional performing artists and companies in addition to scheduling regular trips to a variety of performances.

Harvey School Drama Production

All performing arts classes, concerts, productions, and performances take place in our beautiful state-of-the-art facility, The Walker Center for the Arts.

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Our diverse arts program allows students the freedom and opportunity to discover ways to express themselves creatively.

Students performing in Pippin