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The Walker Center for the Arts

Celebrating Performance and Creativity.

The Walker Center for the Arts is an important focal point of our school, and has also become a place for the community to celebrate performance and creativity. Local dance and theater companies rent the facility, thereby supporting Harvey’s mission and philosophy of arts education.

In the evening and on weekends, there are classes in music, theater, and other arts-based programs. The administrative staff at the Arts Center hires teachers and local artists to conduct these classes and to help create props, scenery, and other visual displays for shows and events.

The presence of professional, working artists at The Center contributes to the high quality of instruction and allows students to collaborate with professionals in arts.

Students in a theater production
Girl leaping in a dance
Students drumming during concert

“It is important to share our facility with the community. There are so many theater companies, dance schools and music groups that struggle to find an affordable venue to showcase their work. Harvey offers a great service to these organizations and, in turn, they give our students additional opportunities to create and perform.”

--Performing Arts Chair Vinny Alexander

In the summer, The Center is the focal point of Harvey’s summer camp program. The camp, like the school, is committed to helping each individual realize their potential. Campers have a sense of awe and wonder when they enter the building. They know that something great is in store for them and rush to class ready for creative adventures. 

Harvey Cavalier Camp

Campers involved in a fun activity.

The Arts

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