Upper and Middle School students who can match pitch are welcome to join the Chorus. Rehearsals take place during the academic day. Repertoire ranges from seasonal music for the first concert in December to music representing all genres and styles for the spring term. There is a focus on learning to read music and developing good vocal techniques. Upper School students are encouraged to audition for the select group, Chamber Singers.

MS Chorus Practice

US & MS Chorus Performance

US Chorus Practice

The Chamber Singers is a group of 16 auditioned singers from the larger Chorus.There are usually four people singing each part: soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. They perform more challenging musical pieces including a cappella music. Participation in Chamber Singers is usually reserved for students who want to sing in a more serious setting with peers who are equally passionate about singing.


The Instrumental Ensemble is open to any Upper School student who is able to play a musical instrument. Students develop individual and ensemble musicianship through the study of orchestral and band music, transcriptions, and arrangements. Musical choices may include anything from early Renaissance to contemporary jazz, rock, and pop. The Ensemble performs twice each year.

Students are able to continue their study of an instrument of their choice, and perform several times a year.

A student's passion for music will be nurtured as they enhance their skills, and work collaboratively with peers.

Instrumental lessons are available where students can learn or continue their study of an instrument.

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