Fine Arts

Art is Life, and Life is Art.

At Harvey, a priority for teachers of fine arts is to help inspire and motivate students to think passionately and creatively and to empower students with the ability to respond to the world with insight and innovation.

With an open and supportive approach to visual art, we encourage our students at Harvey to communicate their thoughts using traditional as well as new media. We instruct to teach new skills and practice artistic techniques, and we inspire students to visualize and materialize their ideas. Accessing art as visual language helps students to become analytical thinkers and consider new ways to problem solving, thus making lasting contributions to our global society.

--Rick Price
Fine Arts Chair 

Upper School Fine Arts

The fine arts classes in the Upper School give students the opportunity to learn and study about who they are as well as other peoples and cultures. Through art history, discussion and technical work, students will be exposed to a wide variety of historical/socioeconomic/cultural thought and perspectives, political structures, and the basic fundamentals of art.

Students will have the opportunity to practice and learn art on a deep level, strengthen their artistic abilities and prepare a personal portfolio for college presentations. Each student may choose to take electives ranging from studio art, 3-D printing, graphic design, painting and more.

Middle School Fine Arts

Middle School students are required to take a one-trimester course each year that is comprised of a studio art curriculum and incorporates an array of media such as drawing, collage, clay, assemblage, printmaking, and more.

Students have the opportunity to learn many techniques, use a wide variety of materials, and find creative solutions to artistic challenges and projects.

The Arts