Students builing a molecule in chemistry

Digital Arts

Camera, Lights, Action!

Our video production studio rivals any network newsroom with students using broadcasting equipment to incorporate and mix multiple camera feeds, and import video, computer sources, and graphics into their productions. 

Green Screen

TV Production Studio - Harvey School

Our production studio includes the use of chroma keying or what's commonly known as "green screen." This allows our students to easily separate the green screen from the people standing in front of them, and replace it with any background of their choosing.

Visual Design

TV Production Studio - Harvey School

Students learn to add virtual sets to their productions, designing custom visuals and titles to give their broadcast a professional look.

Student Produced

Harvey Live

Our student video team produce a weekly news show -- "Harvey Live" --  created entirely by and for Harvey students.

Highlighting campus, regional, and world news to sports, entertainment, and culture -- our students learn what it takes to be digital journalists, directors, and producers.

Harvey Sketches

Our Sketch Writing class and Television Production class collaborated to create comedic episodes called "Harvey Sketches." The students write, act, and produce each episode.

Italian Bistro

Squirrel Boy

Digital Photography

Our students learn to see the world through the eyes of a photographer.

Student taking a photo

Through the exploration of the principles of digital photography and Photoshop, students learn to capture high-quality images of the people and places around them. A series of photo projects help students practice their skills, become confident software users, and develop the visual and conceptual skills essential for successful photography.

Photo of Maple leaf during the fall
Photo of evergreen leaf.

The Arts

Students in media production