Harvey 102 Challenge

Let's Celebrate Harvey's 102 Years...

With 102 Donations!

You have told us how much your Harvey experience has meant to you and the impact it has had on your life. The "Harvey 102 Challenge" gives you the opportunity to give back and support the Harvey program or fund of your choice. 

Support Your Favorite Harvey Program

Athletic Program
Academic Programs

(e.g. Model UN, Robotics)

Arts Program
(Performing, Fine & Dance)

Support Your Team!

Pocanticos vs. Neperans

Competition includes all donations given so far this school year!
  • For the most participants
  • For the greatest dollar amount in donations


Give to Your Favorite Fund

Rose Baldwin Reading Center
John McMahon Fund for Teachers
Financial Aid

No Gift is Too Small.


Win some Harvey Swag!

  • First-Time Donors
  • Largest Donation
  • Plus more!

Tell Us Your Reason for Giving!

We want to know what inspires you to give back to Harvey. We are making a list of 102 reasons why Harvey means so much to our alumni!

Remember to share your reason for giving in the form when making your donation to Harvey.

Winners announced at the end of the Challenge.

Thank you for your amazing support!

You are the REASON why WE ARE HARVEY.

Join the Challenge!