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Does Harvey admit students throughout the year?

Harvey accepts applications and makes admissions decisions throughout the calendar year. We make the vast majority of our decisions during the winter for students applying for the upcoming school year and expecting to enroll the following September. Harvey does, however, accept late applications and occasionally enrolls students during the school year.

What are the most common entry points?

Although many of our students enter in sixth grade (at the beginning of Middle School) or ninth grade (at the beginning of Upper School), we do admit students to each of the grades every year.

What is meant by optional testing?

Although no formal testing is required for admission, Harvey accepts and considers any ISEE, ERB, SSAT, or PSAT scores, or any standardized school testing or individualized testing that may have already been completed by the applicant.

Is Harvey predominantly a boarding or day school?

Most of our students are day students (about 90%), but the five-day boarding program allows us to enroll students from all over the tri-state region, provided that they can travel home on weekends. Our International students reside in the dormitories during the week and live with local families (home-stays) on the weekends.

Can you tell me more about the boarding program?

One of the most distinctive features offered by The Harvey School is its five-day residential program. During the week, boarding students can enjoy and benefit from many aspects of school life, including proctored evening study halls and the availability of faculty who live on campus and serve as counselors, friends and role models. Residential students, however, return home to their families and friends every weekend.This is of special value to students who need additional structure and a stable environment, and for parents involved with careers or single heads of household.

The dormitories are supervised by faculty members: two live on each floor of each dorm with a maximum of 16 students per floor. Our international students also live in the dormitories, thus providing another unique learning opportunity for our boarding students.

How do day students benefit from the boarding program?

Because there are faculty members who live on campus and because there are three meals served in our dining room each weekday, all students benefit from the increased sense of community and support. The lights are always on, the doors are always open, and there is “always someone at home.”

How does the schedule work and how long is the school day?

Harvey operates on an eight-day rotating schedule, and one of the eight periods in the daily schedule is dropped each day. Classes begin 8:10 a.m. with a mid-morning assembly and a midday period devoted to lunch. Classes end at 3:10 p.m. when all students go to afternoon activities, which generally end at 4:45 p.m.

Where do Harvey students come from?

Harvey is truly a regional school. We presently enroll students from more than 100 zip codes in three states (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Our New York students come from as far south as New York City, as far north as Orange, Putnam, and Dutchess counties, and from every town in Westchester County. And, of course, our international students come from five or six nations around the world.

What mode of transportation do students use?

Transportation for day students is often provided by local school systems. Check with the transportation coordinator of your local school district to ascertain if your child is eligible.

Students who live beyond a 15-mile radius and are not eligible for provided transportation have several options. Some commute by car when given parental permission to drive on campus. Some families choose to carpool. Others join together to charter a private car service and share the commuting costs. Students may also commute by train. The Metro-North Harlem Line stops at Katonah from Grand Central Station. The school transports students to and from Katonah Train Station. Metro-North offers a reduced student fare.