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We understand the challenges of raising and educating kids in the 21st century. Here are some insights we have picked up along the way. 

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An Expression of Love & Admiration for the Class of 2020

Reflections by Bill Knauer, Head of School

Over the past months I have often written here of gratitude, in particular my own for having the privilege and good fortune of being part of this extraordinary Harvey community. Today I’m going to focus on the closely related feeling of pride.

I am proud of our students. I am proud of their many achievements. I am proud of their spirit and resilience. I am impressed at how adroitly they adapted, engaged, and made the best of the unprecedented situation they found themselves in.

I am proud of our eighth graders who crossed the bridge from middle school to high school this past week. It was truly a pleasure to see them interact with each other, though from afar, with obvious excitement and delight. We look forward to watching them bring their energy, enthusiasm, and optimism to ninth grade next year.

I am proud of our seniors who descended on campus in brightly decorated cars last Thursday for their Commencement parade, marking the end of one phase of their lives and the beginning of another. They came to celebrate not only their many accomplishments but also to celebrate each other and the lives they had shared at Harvey as the Class of 2020. I am proud of our graduate who stood courageously before her classmates in a heartfelt call to action for equity and social justice. 

I am proud of my colleagues. I am proud of our teachers, who didn’t hesitate to rise to the occasion on behalf of our students when the pandemic struck and gave so freely of themselves. I am proud of the leadership team, who have steered the school through this crisis with wisdom, empathy, and a steady hand. I am proud of the staff members behind the scenes who ensured that we have had the support and resources needed to respond to the many unexpected challenges that faced the school. I am proud of the faculty, staff, and administrators who refused to allow our seniors to be denied the joyous graduation celebration they deserved and came together to orchestrate a Commencement parade that exceeded all expectations. As I said during my commencement remarks, it truly was an expression of the love and admiration for our graduating seniors, and it will certainly live on in the memories of all who experienced it..

I am proud to call Harvey home.


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