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Tuition & Financial Aid

A Harvey Education is Possible.

According to the Council for American Private Education, graduates of independent schools are significantly more likely to be ready for college-level work than their public school peers. This is why, for more than 100 years, families have chosen to send their children to independent schools, such as The Harvey School.


Many families believe they cannot afford independent school tuition. However, don't let the cost deter you from applying to Harvey. Let us assist you in exploring all your options.


We are committed to attracting highly qualified and talented students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.


Families from a wide range of income levels apply and receive need-based financial aid toward tuition. Payment plans are available that allow families to make tuition payments over the course of the school year.

"My daughter is finishing 9th grade at Harvey and it's a testament to Harvey that she is both continuing to learn during this insane time, and also that she misses school terribly. My husband and I have been impressed with Harvey during normal times; we are having trouble finding the words to express the extent of our gratitude and awe for the teachers during this unprecedented crucible."

--Daphne Uviller P '23

A long-term investment in your child's future.


2020-21 School Year

Tuition covers the cost of a Harvey education, including breakfast and lunch in our dining hall.

Grade 6-7


Grade 8-9


Grade 10-12


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5-Day Boarding Fee: $9,825

Graduation Fee (Seniors): $200

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Financial Aid

While the primary responsibility for financing a student's education remains with the family, all families may apply for a financial aid award. Each year, Harvey allocates more than $2 million in need-based financial aid. We are committed to attracting a socioeconomically diverse student population which cultivates and strengthens our thriving community of impassioned learners.


Please feel free to contact the Admissions office for more detailed information about our financial aid program.


914.232.3161, ext. 138

We look forward to hearing from you!