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Breathe in. Exhale.

Is it “the grind” that makes an independent school great?

Does an academic pressure cooker lead to top college acceptance?

Is that what it takes for students to be "ready"?

We Don't Think So.

If you don't either, read on. You've found the right place.

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What Matters to Your Child

The majority of faculty have advanced degrees in their fields, and many hold doctorates. But they are so much more than that. They are dynamic scientists, writers, musicians, mathematicians, adventurists, painters, and athletes who love to teach.
The Middle School fills students’ hearts with the joy of learning.

Because joy matters.

These are important years, focused on acquiring the skills and gaining confidence to tackle the challenges of Upper School.

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Student in science classroom with goggles on

There’s literally nothing holding students back at Harvey.
Students explore talents, abilities and personal interests.
They plant dreams. They take risks. They discuss, debate and discover. They learn to be creative and innovative and to
find solutions. They succeed - and they fail.

Because growth matters.

Faculty are role models and guides, in and out of the classroom, and ensure mastery of subjects and the continued joy of learning.

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What I love most about Harvey is that my daughter feels safe, challenged, engaged, and supported here - inside and outside the classroom.

Ronice Latta P’24

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