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A Small School with Big Opportunities.

Harvey's blending of traditional curriculum with dynamic teaching lays the foundation for students to develop skills and prepare for the future.

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Freshmen launch a journey through English with a Writer’s Odyssey, using Homer’s intrepid Odysseus as their guide. Over four years, students explore physics, chemistry and biology as well as algebra, geometry and calculus. Classes in computer science and robotics combine the latest technology with “design thinking” strategies. History classes examine the roots of Western Civilization and other great cultural traditions as well as provide an in-depth examination of U.S. history. Seniors enroll in a wide array of electives as well as participate in the Senior Bridge Seminar, which features both individual and group endeavors incorporating critical thinking, research, independent learning projects, self-reflection, and individual design planning.

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Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Dual Department Electives

Freshman Elective Path

As students travel the Freshman Elective Path, they will have the opportunity to sample, explore and connect subject areas. The Path offers six varied, term-contained courses, each of which will incorporate interdisciplinary elements from the full ninth grade curriculum. Students will choose three classes from the six.

Note: Students who select Chorus, Band or Dance Company, all full-year courses, need only choose one term-contained elective. Those who select two full-year performance classes will have met all scheduling requirements. They need not choose additional electives.



Senior Bridge Seminar


This course approaches the final year of high school as an opportunity for students to become more independent and adventurous thinkers and learners, while reinforcing skills that will prepare them for the rigors and autonomy of college and beyond. Through engagement in inquiry and problem-based coursework, design thinking, selected readings, journaling, and independent learning projects, students will hone their abilities in critical and creative thinking, self-reflection, independence, communication, collaboration, research, resilience, and time management. All independent learning projects will be showcased in the seminar's culminating event, the Senior Bridge Expo.

Follow Your Passions

We give students the confidence and tools to forge their own path.


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