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Upper School

Rigor With Heart.

At Harvey, we cultivate the strengths and passions of each student through academic excellence, artistic exploration, athletic achievement, community service, and global understanding.

US academics
Upper School academics

Each of our students brings a blend of talents, abilities, and passion that contributes to our unique school community. Our faculty strives to bring out the best in each  student so they discover their strengths, develop confidence in their own abilities, and reach their highest potential.

Upper School academics
Upper School academics

Instruction in small classes is a major feature of our school, allowing teachers to work closely with each student to develop skills and master the content in their courses. Our teachers are role models and guides, in and out of the classroom. We utilize traditional teaching methods combined with the use of cutting-edge technology to help our students find success.

Academic Requirements

To graduate, students must earn 69 credits or the equivalent of 23 full-year courses plus four trimesters of physical education, fulfilled by participating in a team sport for at least four full seasons.

Minimum academic requirements  for graduation:
  • English: Four years
  • History: Three years, including Non-Western History, Modern European History and U.S.History
  • Mathematics: Three years, including Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II
  • Science: Three years, including Science Trajectories and two lab sciences selected from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Foreign Language: Two years of the same language completed in grades 9-12
  • Arts: Two years (six trimesters)
  • Senior Bridge Seminar
US Standing:
  • Sophomore status, 18 credits
  • Junior status, 36 credits
  • Senior status, 54 credits.
  • Diploma awarded upon earning 69 credits.

Graduating from Harvey means that our students have not only found a level of academic success and are well-prepared for college, but are also kind, compassionate, and courageous individuals who know how to behave honorably and responsibly in a global world.

Celebrating graduation

Challenge Yourself.

There is nothing stopping you from reaching your highest level of academic achievement.


Upper School academics