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Middle School

It's Not Too Early. But It Can Be Too Late.

The middle school years are a pivotal time in a young person’s life, a time to be challenged, engaged, and excited about new experiences and opportunities.

An Unparalleled Middle School Experience.

Engaging Learning Environment

Small classes, a dedicated faculty, a diverse community, and a challenging curriculum give our students a solid educational base to build upon.

Fosters A Love of Learning

Students come to Harvey prepared to learn and are provided a multitude of opportunities to find their passions and soar.

Prepared for the Future

Students leave Harvey Middle School prepared to meet the rigors of upper school and beyond.

"When the faculty cares about and believes in the kids, it helps them to really achieve their potential."  -Amy, Harvey Middle School Parent and Child Psychiatrist

Middle Schoolers Need To Explore.


Three girls working on robotics

Our groundbreaking robotics program starts in the Middle School with a dedicated lab space complete with 3D printers, computers, iPads, and a full array of traditional construction tools and electronics.

Our all-female team consisting of a student from each middle school grade won two VEX Robotics Design Awards for their engineering notebook in 2018, and a World IQ VEX Championship Design Award in the science division.

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Physical fitness is one important foundation for a healthy life, and our Middle School students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sports.

The Harvey School has 33 sports teams, including 15 at the varsity level, many of which are coached by Harvey teachers.The school has won 26 sports championships since 2000.

The school’s beautiful 125-acre campus has an ice rink, weight room, fitness center, six tennis courts, athletic center with three gymnasiums, and six athletic fields.

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The Arts

Middle school students performing a play.

Each year, Harvey students have the opportunity to perform in some of the 10 productions in the black box theater located in The Walker Center for the Arts, the school’s world-class arts facility, where all performing arts classes, concerts, productions, and community performances take place.

Middle School students can choose from 14 electives in the areas of art, music, and performing arts. All our Middle School students are involved in annual performances of The Middle School Showcase and the spring Middle School Theatrical Production.

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Students in Middle School study Spanish as their language option. From introductory Spanish to gaining more skills in conversation, grammar, and vocabulary, students also gain an appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures.

Our Upper School offers the study of Latin, Spanish, and Japanese.

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Field Trips

Students take several trips during the school year, exploring and discovering the Hudson Valley. They begin with the entire Middle School venturing out to Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, New York, for a day of hiking, climbing, canoeing, and bonding during the first week of classes. Students begin to forge friendships and make connections with their teachers.

Other Middle School trips have included Washington Irving's House, Broadway in NYC, Philadelphia, the Museum of Natural History, and the Liberty Science Center.

8th grade field trip - students gathered around a statue.

"Harvey Middle School is a warm, nurturing environment where everyone knows each other. The teachers know who you are, what you're capable of, and they're there to help you achieve your own best potential." - Juliet, Harvey Middle School Parent

Empower Your Child

Middle School is the right time to engage your student in their education.

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