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About Mennen Library

The Mennen Library, dedicated in honor of Harvey graduate and parent George S. Mennen '31, is integral to the school’s goal of helping students maximize their potential as they prepare for successful college and university careers as well as adulthood. Information and digital literacy skills are reinforced to the school community as students expand the breadth and depth of their knowledge in all content areas through the effective use of a vast array of resources.

Mennen Library Mission Statement

The Harvey School’s Mennen Library inspires every student to pursue their passions by providing equitable access to a wide array of print and digital resources that spark curiosity, drive inquiry, and encourage an independent pursuit of knowledge and a love of reading. We prepare students to become discerning, ethical users of technology, information, and media so that they may become responsible, productive citizens. The Mennen Library is an essential resource for classroom teachers and administrators that provides curricular material support and meaningful, collaborative teaching partnerships in all subject areas. Finally, the library welcomes all students and encourages diverse perspectives so that we may positively contribute to the inclusivity of the wider school community.

Mennen Library Vision Statement

The Mennen Library strives to provide the community with a physical and virtual Learning Commons that addresses the needs of 21st century learners while encouraging creativity, inquiry, and collaboration. We aim to expand the breadth and impact of information and media literacy knowledge throughout the school community by incorporating inquiry-based lessons and the library’s resources into all curricular subject areas. The Mennen Library endeavors to be the heart of teaching and learning at The Harvey School by continually engaging all students in diverse programming inspired by the needs and interests of the school community.

Library Policies

Books are checked out for a three-week loan period. If more time is needed, books may be renewed for one additional week.

eBooks are checked out for a two- week loan period and may be renewed for one additional week in the Sora app.

Chromebooks may be checked out in the morning and returned at the end of the school day. In some circumstances, Chromebooks may be checked for a one month loan with a charger.

While Mennen Library does not charge late fees, students are expected to pay a replacement fee for lost books and Chromebooks.

Students are expected to be kind and respectful in the library, and should help maintain a productive community environment.

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