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Inspire. Nurture. Challenge.


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"Teachers really focus on each individual and their abilities and talents.They focus on every single student and the things they are able to do."

-Mia, US student

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Face of a student

What You Find At Harvey.

A traditional college-preparatory curriculum that inspires critical and creative thinking while instilling and nurturing the values of self-respect and self-reliance.

A student body that is diverse and consists of a wide range of academic backgrounds and abilities. All our students have something valuable to contribute in the classroom.

Classes that range in levels from basic skills to honors to advanced placement so every student is challenged and motivated to reach his or her full potential.

"Students are given opportunities to do things that maybe they wouldn't have done in a different learning environment. They take themselves to the next level and try something they might not necessarily have tried before, and that's true for every student I've seen at Harvey."

- Sherry Wallach, Parent

What Makes Us Different.

Small class sizes ensure that faculty are able to work closely with students in and out of the classroom as they master and internalize content.

Harvey students are prepared for entrance into college or university and are assisted by a strong college counseling program that begins and ends with the student-faculty relationship.

Our Signature Programs allow students to explore interests and passions beyond typical academic offerings, giving them the opportunity to expand their intellectual and global knowledge.

In my class, I want my students...

Tim Cornell, Modern Languages

To be passionate and inspired to learn a difficult language like Japanese, and to be willing to work hard.

Brittany Merola, Fine Arts

To try their best, challenge themselves, explore new things and grow as individuals.

Samuel Schursky, MS Science & Robotics

To feel comfortable with learning difficult concepts and challenge themselves.

Melissa Zeffer, US Science

To be curious and develop the skills needed to be life-long and self-regulated learners.

Discover Your Potential

We want to know who you are and what you want to learn about.

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