WH&B Donors

$20,000+ DONORS

Anonymous (2)
Pamela and Ross Buchmueller
Jocelyn and Steven Cohen
Jennifer Waterhouse-Cooper and Perry Cooper
Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Daniel Galgano
Deirdre, Trustee and James Glascott
Christine and Kyle Groff
Stephanie King and Robert Insolia
Gretchen and Stephen Lebowitz
Beth and Phil Moyles
Marcy and Reinhardt Olsen
Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees
Frances and Allan Tessler
Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella
Kathleen, Trustee and Jeremy Treat
Margo Hotston and Jeffrey Wacksman
Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker
Jennifer and Lawrence Waterhouse III
Weil House

UNDER $20,000

Christine and Curtis Baron
Staci Pollack and Matthew Berke
Hannah Casey
Hitomi and Daniel K. Chapman '73, Trustee
Diane and Parke Chapman
Clare and Frank Ciancio
Staci and Frank Cicero
Wendy and Paul Class
Crane Co.
Joan and Richard Daniele
Tracey and Michael Davies
Nancy and Don Dodderidge
Trina and Richard Fontaine
Jill and Jonathan Frey
Tania and Brian Fridie
Jody and Andrew Froehlich
Lucy and Raymond Garcia
Jodi and Daniel Glucksman
Terry Columbus and Robert Grossman
Sally and Scott Hoffman
Jane and Dean Kaplan
Peggy and Ed Kavounas
Laura Dahm and John Kavounas
David Kelleran
Sue and Edward Kelly, Trustee
Laura and David Ketner
Marlo and Eric Klein
Eileen Juico and William J. Knauer, Head of School
Charles Krasne, Trustee
Stacie and Thatcher Krasne '86
Gregory A. Kriser '65
Kavita and Pradeep Kumar
Ronice, Trustee and Lenwood Latta
Melissa Lee
Vivien and Todd Levy
Dianne and Alan Mahony
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Nirit Rosenbaum and Babak Mehrara
Jayne Morelock
Nicole and Daniel Nascimento
Laura and Scott Nelson
Elizabeth Parker
Scott Parker
Renee Pastolove
Jane, Trustee and Rick Petty
Jenniferbeth Pinto
Lotte and Ray Potter
Andrea and William Rendo
Emma Robinson
Brian Ryerson '05
Stacey and Jon Savas
Mary Alice and Gregory Schulte
Lynn and Robert Siegel
Colleen and Don Shelden
Pamela Hakim Small '84 and David Small
Elsa and Robert Smalley
Kelly Holliday and Christopher Sobieski
US Bancorp Foundation
Anne McCabe and David Waldstein
Melissa and Cliff Wallach, Trustee
Sherry Levin Wallach
Sheryl and Mark Warren
Wells Fargo Foundation
Harvey Barn with I am Harvey Banner
Weil House Plaque
Weil House and Barn
Weil House and Barn