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Varsity Football Volunteers with Neighbors Link

Football volunteering

On Nov. 16, Harvey varsity football team members volunteered their time after school with Neighbors Link in Mount Kisco. The Upper School players visited Mount Kisco Elementary School where they helped students in grades 1-5 with their homework for 30-45 minutes, then headed to the gym for a football-centered athletic clinic.

The Mount Kisco students rotated between seven stations run by the Harvey students.

Mitchell '23 and Charles '24 manned the first station, "Snap and Pass," teaching students how to snap the ball and catch a pass. Sam '23 and Dan '23 taught "Throwing Spirals" giving students three chances to throw a ball through a hula hoop to improve throwing and accuracy skills. The younger students moved on to "Fake Out" run by Bradley '23 and Nekia '23, teaching evasive moves that a running back or receiver would need to know. The "3 Cone Pass" station had Luca '25 and Wesley '24 throwing passes to students as they ran to a series of cones. Students were instructed on the proper way to tackle with Michael '24 and Jared '24 in "Hitting Drills." Dan '23 and Peter '24 helped students learn how to kick a ball off a tee in "Place Kicking," and on the last station, "Carry and Run," Ian '24 and James '23 taught students how to properly cradle the ball while running.

Football volunteering

It was a day that was just as special for our varsity players as it was for the young elementary-age students they were mentoring.

"The football was amazing, but just seeing our players getting close with the students at Mount Kisco showed true 'Harvey heart'," shared Harvey parent Jennifer Winters. "They really shined from the first second they stepped into the classrooms. I'm so proud of them," she said.

Many thanks to the players and Harvey Director of Athletics Ray Lacen for supplying footballs and hitting pads, as well as a huge thank-you to varsity football parents Jennifer Winters, Linda Holden Bryant, Ashley Foote, Deanna Marano, and Kate Oliver for organizing the event. Coach Delaney also suited up and came out to support this wonderful organization.

Football volunteering
Football volunteering


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