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KMA Young Artists 2024 exhibit

We are excited for our five seniors who are participating in the Katonah Museum of Art's (KMA) 41st annual Young Artists 2024 exhibition. Young Artists 2024 features 365 artworks by high school seniors from 43 schools across Fairfield, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties.

Talented Harvey senior artists Raizy Akrongold, Ellie Florin, Nora Jobe, Ava Lazaroff, and Eliza Morris are each showing a single piece of their artwork which includes paintings, a linocut print, and a dress. The exhibition runs through Sunday, March 3.

According to the KMA, "The Young Artists program and exhibition has been an annual tradition at the Katonah Museum of Art since 1983. With the goal of providing hands-on, learning experiences to aspiring artists, this unique initiative offers meaningful student participation in the exhibition planning process from beginning to end. Under the guidance of museum professionals, students take on the roles of artist, graphic designer, curator, exhibition designer, and installer as they work collaboratively with the KMA's staff to mount this impressive exhibition." 

Young Artists 2024 "reflects the depth and diversity of expression among these emerging artists," says the KMA.

We hope everyone will stop by KMA and enjoy the dynamic work of all these student artists, including Harvey's own - Raizy, Ellie, Nora, Ava, and Eliza!

KMA Young Artists 2024 exhibit


KMA Young Artists 2024 exhibit


KMA Young Artists 2024 exhibit

Gallery opening

KMA Young Artists 2024 exhibit

Senior artists Ava and Raizy with Harvey Visual Arts Chair/teacher Mr. Price and Head of School Mr. Knauer 

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