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Thirty-four Harvey eighth graders took a giant step forward June 5, officially “moving up” to upper school in the celebratory Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony. On their last day as middle schoolers, the exhilarated students processed into the Fenstermacher Athletic Center before family, friends, faculty, and staff to bask in their achievements and move on to a new chapter in their educational journey.

2024 MS Moving Up Ceremony

Head of Middle School Dr. Brendan Byrne addressed the eighth graders, praising them for being engaged in all the educational opportunities on campus, such as field trips, athletics, performances on the stage, the poetry recitation and speech contests, school dances, Field Day, and so much more.

When speaking to the expectation that all middle school students be engaged in the classroom and involved in programs and activities beyond the classroom, Dr. Byrne said, “This group of students has embraced and often exceeded that expectation. They competed in many sports, performed in productions on stage, they’ve been creative in the art room, and as evidenced in our literary magazine The Equinox, they even composed inspiring poetry, all while striving to be engaged learners in the classroom and navigate the ups and downs of middle school.”

Head of School Bill Knauer also spoke, praising the students and the faculty who guided them in Harvey Middle School. “It’s important to note that all of those experiences would not have been possible without the instruction, coaching, direction, and guidance of our teachers and staff,” he said.

“This is an exciting moment of transition for you,” Mr. Knauer continued. “You’re about to leave middle school and take the momentous step to upper school with only a short summer to prepare for that. Take a moment to reflect on your journey – the memories, the friendships, the highs, the lows. This is your last day as middle schoolers. Embracing the future requires optimism, flexibility, hope, courage, and trust. Trust in yourselves and trust in those you will share that future with,” said Mr. Knauer.

2024 MS Moving Up Ceremony

The Middle School Chorus performed the now iconic “Cups” song” from the movie “Pitch Perfect,” harmonizing to the percussion of solo cups in an awe-inspiring display of musicality and performance. 

Faculty speaker Austin Morgan did what he does best, and in lieu of delivering a traditional speech, performed a rap song personalized for every single eighth grader and Middle School faculty and staff, as well as a few other key members of the Harvey community. The result was a lot of smiles, laughter, and a standing ovation for Mr. Morgan. Mic drop!

School prizes were awarded for academics and athletics, with eighth-grader Elizabeth Galgano receiving the Scholarship Cup for finishing the school year with the highest scholastic standing.

As the eighth graders recessed out onto the Harvey Quad, they hugged their families, shared smiles with their friends, and no doubt held tight to the special bonds and memories they made in Harvey Middle School.

Congratulations, Class of 2028, and be your very best in Upper School!\

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