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Convocation: Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year

Convocation 2022

After two years without a formal convocation ceremony, the Harvey tradition returned Sept. 7, with Head of School Bill Knauer welcoming students, faculty, and staff to the 2022-2023 school year. The tradition goes back to the founding of The Harvey School in 1916. The word "convocation" comes from the Latin word convocare, "to convene or come together," and for 106 years the Harvey community has come together in pursuit of excellence of the mind, body, and heart. Mr. Knauer held the gavel and formally opened the new school year for Middle and Upper School students.

"As you know, Harvey is a place where community and relationships are at the center of all we do," said Mr. Knauer. "So I feel grateful that we are again able to come together in this space to celebrate the start of the year."

Mr. Knauer welcomed the new members of the community, including students, faculty, and staff. "You have joined a special place," he said. "We're confident that you will find this to be a warm and inclusive community, where you are supported in becoming your best selves."

Convocation 2022

Mr. Knauer took a moment to acknowledge the seniors, asking them to stand and step into their position as leaders and role models in the community. "I have no doubt you will do us proud," said Mr. Knauer.

Another long-standing tradition is passing the head's gavel over to the Student Council leaders each year. Mr. Knauer called upon this year's co-presidents, seniors Khalil Aguilar and Aaron Providence, to receive the gavel and welcome their peers at this first meeting of the year.

In closing, Mr. Knauer said, "Finally, a heartfelt thanks to our faculty and staff for all they do and for making all of this possible."

The 2022-23 school year is officially open!

Convocation 2022
Convocation 2022
Convocation 2022


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