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Seventh Grade Mock Trial in English Class

Harvey seventh graders engaged in an evidence-based project centered around a brief retelling of "Frankenstein." The students studied the novel, then took a position about who they believed was responsible for the atrocities the creature committed in the story -- Dr. Victor Frankenstein or his monstrous creation. Students discussed and analyzed two central ideas - the ethics of scientists and the concept of society's judging of a person based on the individual's appearance. Using their evidence from the text to support their claims for justice, students put on a mock trial to argue their case.

This unit correlated with the theme of "The Outsiders" novel study which is based on conformity and stereotypes.

Mock trial in 7th grade English class
Mock trial in 7th grade English class
Mock trial in 7th grade English class
Mock trial in 7th grade English class


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Goats at Harvey

Passersby on Route 22 the past two weeks near the entrance to The Harvey School may have had to look twice to make sure they saw what they saw … a herd of goats traversing the school’s 125-acre campus, but the 33 goats are indeed there, making their way to munch on much of the invasive vegetation as part of a special initiative of the Bedford 2030 in partnership with the school.

IHIH Summer hockey camp at Harvey

Harvey Summer Programs welcomed the Ice Hockey In Harlem (IHIH) summer hockey campers to campus during the last week in July. The campers age 5-17 worked on their ice hockey skills in Evarts Rink and also enjoyed the entire Harvey campus which included playing games on the athletic fields, utilizing the Fenstermacher Athletic Center, and cooling off in the swimming pool.

Amy Hargreaves SpeakWell Theater Program

Harvey Summer Camp concluded an amazing week with the SpeakWell Amy Hargreaves Acting Camp on the Harvey campus July 18-22. SpeakWell - a youth leadership program designed to build stronger students in strong communities, works with schools and camps across the country teaching leadership and communication skills.

Jose Vasquez batting

Jose Vasquez, a rising senior at The Harvey School, has given his verbal commitment to attend Rice University in Houston, Texas, and play baseball for the NCAA Division I Owls following his high school graduation in June 2023.

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