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Japanese Language Students Visit Keio Academy

Students from Harvey's Japanese Language class have been visiting and partnering with Japanese students attending the Keio Academy in Purchase, New York, almost every year since 2004. On May 16, after a more than two-year disruption to this tradition due to the pandemic, 38 Harvey students returned to Keio for a day of fun, friendship, and cultural exchange.

Japanese language students visit Keio Academy

"Being able to restart this program was greatly appreciated," said Harvey Japanese Language teacher Tim Cornell. "It was awesome to see the excitement on the students' faces as they interacted with their peers at Keio," he said.

After arriving, the Harvey students were broken into seven groups of around five to six students each. The groups explored different stations which highlighted several aspects of Japanese culture. The stations were kimono wearing, calligraphy, tea ceremony, origami, Japanese games, Japanese Jpop and anime, and Kendo - a type of Japanese martial art with bamboo swords. 

Following these learning activities, each Harvey student was assigned a shadow student from Keio. Each shadow and their Harvey partner went to lunch together and then attended a class to give the Harvey students a taste of Keio Academy school life. 

"It truly was an exciting day filled with many interesting activities and, hopefully, some new friendships were started," said Mr. Cornell. "I know many, many Instagram accounts were shared! We can't wait to welcome the Keio students to Harvey next year!" 

Japanese language students visit Keio Academy
Japanese language students visit Keio Academy
Japanese language students visit Keio Academy
Japanese language students visit Keio Academy
Japanese language students visit Keio Academy

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