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Students Discuss Mental Wellness

Students Discuss Mental Wellness

On Friday, Jan. 8, students of both the Middle School and Upper School participated via Zoom in the JCK Foundation Legends Program, a storytelling experience that builds community around mental wellness through education and breakout groups.

JCK Foundation founder John Tessitore shared his own personal experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety, and recounted how the suicide of a close friend inspired him to work toward breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness and to bringing hope to young people who may be struggling.

Middle School and Upper School students participated in breakout sessions by grade level throughout the day, followed by a late afternoon Q&A with John for all students. Dean of Upper School Gary Dunn had praise for Harvey students. "I was absolutely blown away by the maturity and care exhibited by our students throughout the day."

Students and families were provided with valuable resources; however, as always, administrators and teachers at Harvey are always here to assist students and families in finding appropriate support, especially during these challenging times. "We encourage students to reach out to friends, family members, teachers, advisors, coaches, or whomever they most trust if they find themselves struggling with any mental health challenges," said Mr. Dunn.


Zoom presentation by JCK Foundation founder John Tessitore.

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