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Performing Arts & Social Distance

Performing Arts & Social Distance

While there is a hold on live performances and large social gatherings in New York State, Harvey's performing arts department is using this time to focus on honing craft and refining skills. The communal nature of the performing arts presents some challenges in a social distancing environment, but our young performers are adapting to the guidelines that are in place and passionately exploring the arts.  

Scene study is a bit tricky for our acting students so Mr. Morgan is focusing on monologues and character development. Dance and vocal classes have students 12 feet apart. In addition, our choral director, Mr. Wright, has procured new masks designed for singing that offer the standard level of protection that a cloth mask provides while at the same time affording the singer more comfort in breathing and articulation. In dance, Ms. Gambino is concentrating on spatial awareness and communicating emotions through gestures. To this end, students are choreographing numbers around chairs to concentrate movement in a single space. Finally, Ms. Davies, our band director, has a lot to keep track of because each musical instrument has its own measurement for social distancing - horns at 12 feet and guitars at 6.   

Even though we will not be performing any time soon, students are still able to enjoy the enrichment and benefits of a performing arts education, as you can see below.


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