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Harvey Welcomes Japanese Students from Keio Academy

Harvey Welcomes Japanese Students from Keio Academy

The Harvey School and Keio Academy of New York in Purchase are now in the 16th year of an exchange program which provides the opportunity for students from both schools to benefit from experiential learning. Harvey Japanese language students visited the Keio Academy last December to meet students from Japan, attend classes with them, and learn more about the Japanese culture through interacting with students their same age. 

On Feb. 13, Harvey students had the opportunity to return the favor and host their Keio partner students on the Harvey campus, showing them what a typical day at Harvey is like. The Harvey students and Keio students attended classes together, ate lunch in the dining room, and even had some time to play a few games to further strengthen their bond.

It was an amazing day of cultural exchange and of continuing to build their emerging friendships.


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