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'Romeo & Juliet' At Harvey

Juliet rubs the back of her Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.


Shakespeare was alive and well as the Upper School production of “Romeo & Juliet” commanded attention in the black box theater in The Walker Center for the Arts February 1 and 2  Presenting a tale full of young love, folly, and heartbreak, the students delivered a modern twist on the classic doomed love story which still resonates today.

The cast entertained with humor, passion, and energy onstage, captivating the audience from the very first soliloquy. Romeo was played by Quentin Schubert and Juliet by Zoe Lewis. 


The cast does a dance with masks in Romeo and Juliet.

A masquerade ball features Juliet (Zoe Lewis) just before she meets Romeo.


A sword fight breaks out between Romeo and Tybalt.

Tybalt, played by Colin Glascott, nimbly jumps to avoid the swinging sword of Romeo (Quentin Schubert).


Juliet fights with her parents over her love for Romeo.

Juliet (Zoe Lewis) enrages her father, Lord Capulet (Daniel Galgano) as her mother, Lady Capulet (Sasha Simon) holds him back.


Mercutio and Benvolio fool around with their swords.

Mercutio (Elizabeth Mahony) and Benvolio (Pierce Husted) joke around.


Romeo climbs up to Juliet's balcony to talk to her.

Romeo (Quentin Schubert) climbs up the balcony to Juliet (Zoe Lewis) to share some private moments with his love.


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