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Japanese Language Exchange Program in 15th Year

Two girls, one from Harvey and one from Keio Academy, pose together.

The Harvey School and The Keio Academy of Purchase New York, are now in the 15th year of an exchange program which provides the opportunity for students from both schools to benefit from experiential learning. Each school year, Japanese language students from Harvey visit the Keio Academy to meet students from Japan, attend classes with them, and learn more about the Japanese culture through interacting with students their same age. Harvey students visited Keio Academy last November and each student was partnered with a Keio student. Through that initial visit, the students formed friendships that continue to grow throughout the school year.

The second half of the exchange took place Feb. 7 as the Harvey students welcomed the Keio students to campus. The same pairs of students met again and continued to deepen their friendships. They were thrilled to be able to host their Japanese friends, take them to their classes and lunch, and show them a typical day at Harvey.

Harvey and Keio Academy students pose together on Harvey's campus.

Harvey students take a group photo with Keio Academy students.


Harvey and Keio students play a Japanese language card game.

The students find a fun way to learn together in Harvey's Study Hall.


Harvey and Keio students have fun at lunch in the dining hall.

Sharing time together at lunch is a great way to practice Japanese and English language skills.


A Harvey student hosts a student from Keio Academy.

Visits to both schools provides important lessons in both the Japanese and American cultures. 

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