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Harvey Robotics Team Designs Dental Device

Harvey Robotics Team Designs Dental Device

In just five years of its existence, the celebrated Harvey School robotics program can take credit for winning several state championships and one national title, and now, for designing a device local oral surgeons believe will enhance their patients' dental care.
When Drs. Jason Baker and Pat Nolan of South Bedford Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Mount Kisco were conducting research looking for a device that would serve them well for a new dental procedure, they could not find what they needed on the open market. Having heard about the success of Harvey’s robotics program, Dr. Baker, a former biology and chemistry teacher at the school, decided to visit the robotics lab with Dr. Nolan in November to see what the students were studying. Impressed by what he saw, Dr. Baker presented design parameters to Harvey's robotics students, the RoboCavs, to see if they might like to take on the challenge of designing and building a device that would serve the needs of the dentists. 

As they had done in so many robotics competitions on state and national levels, the RoboCavs came through again. When Drs. Baker and Nolan visited the lab again in January to see the prototype the RoboCavs had designed, they were excited and impressed. In February, the RoboCavs design team delivered a dozen operational devices which are currently being evaluated by the research team at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. 
Spurred on by the initial success of the device, the Harvey team of seniors Coraline Chu,  Alex  Breitenbach, Christopher Nelson, and Sebastian Wallach, juniors Samson Gelfand and Michael Martirano, Harvey alum Ryan Hurst '17, teachers John Wahlers and Chris Kelly, and Drs. Baker and Nolan have applied for a U.S. patent on the device.
When the research is concluded, Dr. Baker will be published for the second time in his career in the American Journal of Medicine where he plans to credit the students and staff working in The Harvey School robotics lab.

Harvey students Coraline Chu, Chris Nelson, and Alex Breitenbach, along with Harvey robotics teacher John Wahlers, deliver the devices they designed to researchers at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. 

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