About Harvey

Aerial photograph of the Harvey campus during fall.

Facilities Rental

Evarts Rink - The fully enclosed temperature-controlled ice rink, home to Harvey Hockey, offers a variety of instructional skating programs. The arena operates all year long and was built to serve the needs of those interested in skating. These organizations rent ice time and use the facilities for organizational events, games, and practices. We invite you to visit this website often to check the schedules and the many opportunities Evarts Rink has for your skating needs!

Address: The Harvey School, 240 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536
Tel: (914) 232-3618 Fax: (914) 232-6133
Email: dosborne@harveyschool.org

The Walker Center for the Arts

The Walker Center for the Arts has become a place for the community to celebrate performance and creativity. Local dance and theater companies rent the facility, supporting Harvey’s mission and philosophy of arts education. In the evening and on weekends, there are classes in music and theater and other arts-based programs.

Address: The Harvey School, 260 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536
Tel: (914) 232-3161, ext 162
Email: kkreiness@harveyschool.org

Athletic Center

The Barry W. Fenstermacher Athletic Center is a symbol of the school’s commitment to physical fitness and its desire to match the quality of facilities with the quality of instruction. The fitness room provides our community with a facility equipped with the latest cardiovascular equipment that complements our existing weight room. The athletic trainer’s room provides injured athletes excellent facilities for rehabilitation. The facility's locker rooms provide easy access to the athletic fields/courts and athletic trainer. Two basketball/volleyball courts provide excellent opportunities for our basketball/volleyball players, as well as a facility for spring teams during poor weather.

Address: The Harvey School, 260 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536
Tel: (914) 232-3161, ext 121
Email: dsmith@harveyschool.org


Harvey athletics are blessed with an abundance of athletic fields throughout the campus. The recently renovated Raymond Kuntz Fields (located at the Evarts Rink entrance) boast two full playing fields and a half field. A new softball field is located on the upper campus behind the Arts Center. The majority of our game fields are located next to the school’s main entrance. The main fields include the football game field, soccer game fields, lacrosse game fields, and baseball field.

Address: The Harvey School, 260 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536
Tel: (914) 232-3161, ext 122
Email: gjanos@harveyschool.org