Harvey COVID-19 Information

We consider school to be an essential service and have developed an educational plan that prioritizes on-campus instruction while allowing for hybrid and remote options to support the safety and well-being of our community.

Guiding Principles:

The Harvey School Reopening Plan is guided by the following core principles:

Schooling as an Essential Service
We believe that schools provide an essential service and that it is our responsibility to make on-campus schooling available to our students to the greatest extent possible as permitted by law and the safety of our students and faculty.
Flexibility and Compassion
We understand that some students may be unable or unwilling to return to campus. We have, therefore, developed a flexible plan that allows for hybrid and remote learning to meet the needs of students who cannot be on campus with us. Additionally, the nature of our immersive school environment relies on our faculty and staff to be present to care for and supervise our students, but to the extent that it is feasible The Harvey School will work to accommodate at-risk school personnel to support their needs during these uncertain times.
Health and Well-being
Protecting the physical and mental health and well-being of our community is our fundamental reopening priority. To that end, we have adopted a layered approach to health and safety to protect our students, staff, and families. While our Reopening Plan has been carefully designed to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 at The Harvey School, such risk cannot be eliminated. There can be no assurance that COVID-19 exposure or infection will not occur in connection with in-person, on-campus instruction at The Harvey School.
Equity and Inclusion
We are committed to maintaining an equitable and inclusive environment that provides access and support for every member of the Harvey community. Our goal is for all students, faculty and staff, alumni, and school families to feel welcome and valued at Harvey. The principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness that anchor Harvey's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion also characterize our approach to reopening in these unprecedented times.
Our reopening plans will require new, and at times frustrating, rules and requirements. Our success in reopening will depend on the commitment of the entire Harvey community to come together and partner with us to support new measures put in place. To that end, all members of The Harvey School community will be expected to accept and abide by the school's COVID-19 Community Norms and Expectations.

COVID-19 Preparations on Campus


COVID-19 Information

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